About Us


I have been writing for many years, in many contexts. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing - for what that's worth - and can offer coverage of many different topics. I guarantee quality content and expedient, reliable delivery of any and all articles.

Note to Requesters: Please provide explicit instructions with your article requests. I realize that approval rates can be relative to receiving poorly written articles, but quality writers like myself won't go near low percentage approval rates. Nor article requests which don't offer much instructional direction.

If you want a quality article written, let us writers know what you want. We all win in the long run this way.

P.S. - Pay no attention to the most recent reviews. I wrote excellent articles for those Requesters. It is my strong option that they took my work and didn't pay me for it. The articles I submitted to them were perfectly on-topic, formatted well and free of spelling and grammar errors.

All the best and thanks for stopping by my profile and reading