Bounty Hunter TK2 Tracker II Metal Detector Review

Getting an easy to use, reliable and accurate metal detector has been the cry of history lovers and metal detecting sports people. It is abundantly clear that for you to get such a detector, you must sift through many reviews, try two or three metal detectors before you land on your favorite one. There is a real problem if you are a new user of MDs. I had my share of the problem; at least not until I researched heavily.

The Bounty Hunter TK2 Tracker II Metal Detector Review that I have done below is for anyone who is willing to know whether it has the qualities of their gold-standard MD. A meticulous study of the features and the experiences of other users in form can shed some light to you about the suitability of the metal detector. Check out the features first:

Features of the Bounty Hunter TK2 Tracker II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK2 Tracker II Metal Detector Review

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Automatic & manual ground balance

The setting can allow you to moderate the performance of the tracker in different environments of detection. Consequently, even if you are operating on a salty soil, clay or any other, your hunting time will be smooth. The mode will neutralize the alkaline conditions to make it reasonable for you to detect metals to a greater depth than you could do if there were no trace of such a feature.

No doubt, you can turn the mode on yourself, or it will automatically readjust itself when the conditions of the soil are not favorable. In the end, it will be ‘bleep- bleep’ and a lot of ‘aha!-I found it’ kind of words.

Three modes of operation/discrimination

There are three modes of operations in the Bounty Tracker II which are easy to use. You can decide to switch to an all-metal mode to find each and every type of metal around. It is the default mode in any case. If you are sure about what you are looking for, you can switch to the notch/auto notch modes and that rules out unwanted targets.

For instance, if you just lost your gold ring and you wanted it; why have the all-metal mode on? It would waste your time and energy because it will detect everything including but not limited to rusty nails. In that case, you will go to the notch mode and your problem will be solved minutes after it emerged!

Sensitivity Meter

The detector has a standard sensitivity meter which you will use to read one level of sensitivity to another. You can always look at the readout and decide when to change the sensitivity so as to improve the penetration for detection that your require. Accompanying this capacity is a full discrimination capability of the MD.

There is no single day that the detector will fail to distinguish accurately between different kinds of metals that are buried in your yard. That makes the detector a must-have tool for those who want deeper detection's and that accuracy that everyone obsessed with metal hunting is craving to obtain.

Two-tone metal identification

There are two audio feedback tones that the Tracker II produces to indicate the discovery of buried treasure. That makes you aware of whether you have found a highly valued/lowly valued metal. The detector is capable of sensing precious metals and the less valued metals with an immense degree of precision.

For coin sized objects, the MD can sense them up to a depth of 7’’. For larger ones, up to a depth of three feet is an undeniable prospect. Imagine getting a large piece of gold after digging down to 3 feet! There is a lasting search coil that is 7 inches large. It senses the targets appropriately, and their approximate depths, and that is transmitted to the LCD. That is incredible, and every other average treasure seeker would love to.

Four easy-to-use knob controls

The Bounty Tracker II gives you all the versatility at hand. Just on both sides of the LCD panel, you will see knobs. Those wheels are there for you to adjust the sensitivity level, the discrimination level, change the target ID discrimination, and that makes your work handsomely rewarding. It is not about the number of the knobs but what they do for you! 

Some guys complain that the knobs are many but for the gurus, they are there for two reasons- versatility and efficiency. No other MD gives you a chance to use wonderful visual and audio cues while still having manual controls to sweeten your hunting experience and metal detection depths.

Bounty Hunter TK2 Tracker II Metal Detector – Videos

What We Liked

  • Light and easy carry around.
  • Its operation is not complicated- you will find it easy to use.
  • It can operate in highly mineralized areas without loss of sensitivity.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users complain that the knobs are too many for them to use even though they are meant to increase the efficiency of the MD.

Features at a Glance

  • Automatic/Manual Ground Balance.
  • Analog Signal Indicator.
  • 3 Search Modes.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity.
  • Low Battery Indicator.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 28.6 x 10.3 x 6.3 inches.
  • Item Weight: 3.9 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.9 pounds.
  • Battery: 2 x 9 V batteries.
  • Length: 53-45" (134.6-114.3 cm).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my new Tracker II with headphones?
Yes. The headphone jack of the MD is highly compatible with most headphones. It will be good for you to use them.

Q: Is the detector usable in fresh water and on wet sand?
Like many other Bounty models of sensors, it can be used on wet sand, in forests, and on fresh water.

Final Verdict

Bounty Hunter TK2 Tracker II Metal Detector proves to be a great value of the user’s money. It lives up to those expectations that you have. The usage of the detector is smooth and quickly learned even for the new treasure seekers. If you are stuck, you just check the directions in the user manual and your time becomes useful and enjoyable.

Nobody could like to miss the price aspect of any product they are willing to buy. Neither is anybody ready to miss any details concerning that desired good. Therefore, it for you to check the Amazon link for more information about this metal detector if you so felt. Summarily, the MD is recommendable to anyone who wants to collect historical artifacts, enjoy with their kids and family to collect coins and other precious items or do it as a sport or hobby.

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