Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit Review

A quality detector is that which is ergonomic, lightweight and has excellent detection capabilities. That includes the ability to scan as it adjusts to the soil conditions and the ability to deep detections. The most beneficial feature is a kit that streamlines metal detection. Extended periods of time of research landed me on a detector that will transform your archaeology hobby as well as that feeling of metal detection as sporting. It is the Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit.

It has easy to learn and use features and a discrimination mechanism that makes it top the charts of the best metal detectors. Let’s examine whether it lives up to the expectations of the users. Look at the features and how they may help you and we will judge its performance.

Features of the Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit

Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit Review

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Four discrimination modes

The detector has efficient modes of operation that can be used during discrimination of your targets. That include; the motion all-metal mode, the adjustable notch mode, and the auto notch modes. With the notching methods, you can do away with some metals that are not targets for you and focus on your real targets.

That streamlines your hunting exercise and makes it easy for you to identify what you want quickly. It also has a power sensitivity control which alongside the two audio tone feedback helps refine your results further hence a successful hunting exercises.

A metal trowel and a horsehair detail brush

The manufacturer of this Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit has put the user in mind while producing the pro kit. He has included a metal trowel that you will use to dig out your target successfully when you sense its approximate depth. No worry about the cleanliness of the trowel because the detector kit comes with a horsehair detail brush to clean your tool once you are done with the digging and have your target treasure in your hands.

Such additional features imply that you will have a very smooth archaeological/ historical metal hunting adventure. You will not need a shovel to remove coin-sized pieces of treasure from the soil.

A closed 7" waterproof search coil

This search coil helps to identify the location of your targeted metals on the ground. Once, you make a sweep over the ground in which the metals are buried; the coil will pick the signal and those messages are relayed to the screen and t the speaker where an audio tone is produced to imply detection of given types of metals. The coil is protected with a 7.75" cover that ensures that it is not damaged. It is submersible and therefore you can use it over wet grass, sand and in water.

However, that should never make you throw caution to the winds as you immerse you search coil. It should be the only one that is immersed in water. If you wet the electronics of your metal detector, you will bite your nails alone.

Find log and 2" canisters

The kit also consists of a find log which to can use keep track of your finds. The canisters are for storage of your treasures. No such a detector kit has qualities that match this one. Such storage provisions make your work incredibly easy. Imagine you are out on a metal hunting adventure and you forgot to carry anything to store your finds. The Archaeology Pro kit gives you a reason to smile and keep your search going.

As a novice metal detectorists, you may find hunting exercises dirty and may soon get bored with it. There is an apron that accompanies this kit to keep you clean as you run up and down sweeping your detector side to side.

The Ground trac feature

Keeps the sensor balanced with the soil conditions. That improves the accuracy of the sensor concerning depth detection. For instance, it detects coin-sized objects in a depth of up to seven inches and 2 feet for large objects. The pinpointing ability of the detector adds to the performance in target identification and avoidance of trash.

The detection matters with specific soil conditions and the neutralization that is done automatically by the ground balance feature.

Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit – Videos

What We Liked

  • The detector is lightweight and easily portable
  • It has an ergonomic shaft that makes its handling easy
  • It has an additional kit with feature like the brush and trowel that make hunting easy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not come with the 9 V batteries, so you have to find them.

Features at a Glance

  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Discrimination/All-Metal Modes.
  • Analog Signal Indicator.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity.
  • Archeology Kit.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 10.2 x 6.2 inches.
  • Item Weight: 4.1 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.6 pounds.
  • It uses: two 9V batteries.
  • An LCD: with depth and target ID.
  • Manufacturer: Bounty Hunter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the track II come with a user guide?
No. But you can download a detailed manual online. Just check the Amazon link for this product for more details.

Q: Why is the coil of this detector unique from those of another detector (it is closed)?
That feature is for an improvement of efficiency. A closed coil is more efficient in detecting than is an open coil.

Final Verdict

Let your children enjoy the intricacies of history with your new Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit. They will have fun knowing what past days looked like regarding the treasures that they will collect. Talk about the archaeological tools that are in the pro kit; the metal trowel and that horsehair bench are perfect. You will have ample storage with the 2" canisters, and that will keep the archaeological dreams of your kids valid.

Apparently, the detector is well designed with excellent bounty technology. It gives the expected results during your hunting exercise, and the kit has all that is valuable for a beginner to adapt quickly and learn how to comb around for old treasures. Are you looking for an idea of a Christmas gift for your significant other/members of your family?

This detector is recommended for everyone who wants to enjoy metal hunting. Your desired targets shall induce repeated tones from your detector, and you shall use those stereo headphones that to listen to the sounds.

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