The Complete Guide to Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a fun hobby and if you are planning on taking it up, then you have come to the right place. Most of the people think of metal detecting as a crazy hobby for old folks who love to walk around the beach to spend the time they've got left. This is just a negative perception, trust me. It's a very addictive activity. It's more like a treasure hunt using a metal detector.

The hobby has become kind of a trend now. So, if you are already into it, then read the guide further to get the best out of it.

Complete Guide to Metal Detecting

The Complete Guide to Metal Detecting

Choosing a metal detector

When you set out for metal detecting, you need to make sure your metal detector is the correct one. If you are going out with some low-quality non-suitable detector, then you would probably end up getting frustrated. You also need to understand the settings well.

Do your best in searching the location but try to be picky in regards to your tool. First, it is recommended to buy some beginner metal detector and discover your thing with it. Whether your plan is to look for gold, relics, or just beach hunting, your beginner tool will divert you towards it. Search more about beginner metal detectors. Some of the best beginner metal detectors you'll find in the market are Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, Garrett Ace EDD Metal Detector, and Koolertron Waterproof Underground Metal Detector.

Finding the right location

Metal detecting is no rocket science and literally, everyone can do it. These days, you can even get metal detectors for kids. However, you would need some practice to get perfect. The keys to fun and enjoyable metal detecting are researching about your location and getting the full grip over your tool.

The most common locations where people go metal detecting are private properties, woods, beaches, public parks and public schools. However, before setting out, make sure you have a proper permit to metal detect that place. Even if you are hunting a public property, you need to know if your state allows that. There are many public parks that prohibit this activity especially those owned by the state and county. Federal parks are also a no-go. For schools, you can always get permission and if one does not allow you then you can go for the other.

When you are, metal detecting the woods, look out for signs. Sometimes during hunting, you might end up entering someone's private property. Even beaches have some areas that are off-limits. Out of all of them, the best locations to metal detect are private properties. You just need to follow the code of conduct that the land owner gives you and you are good to go.

Getting the permission

Detecting spots is not a hard task, getting the permission is. It sometimes becomes the biggest obstacle. But if you play it cleverly, nothing can come in your way.

The first problem is that many people don't feel comfortable knocking on someone else's door for permission. It can be overseen in some cases. Metal detecting is growing and has not become as common yet. You might end up explaining it to people who don’t have any clue about it. Don't lose hope there.

After that, beautiful and large green landowners will 703-6 of the time ask you to bugger off. They have their reason. They grew all this just to let you dig it off? No.

You just need to convey one thing to the homeowners that you are going to do no harm to their property no matter what. However, when it comes to knocking the door, you can skip that part and just ask for their permission by mailing or e-mailing. Whatever the case is, just be honest.

Now, mostly this kind of a deal is made between the homeowners and the detectors that the detector will keep everything except for anything the homeowner is interested in. It is the responsibility of the detector to return family heirlooms, jewelry, and lost items. If you make these things clear, you'll get the permission without any hesitation.

Once you have gotten your permission, you are good to go. Now you are just roaming with your metal detector and it detects something, what would you do now? You will dig that Spot. But how?

Digging responsibly

There is a rule that your typical hand digger should only be used if the property is maximum two acres. Lesche digging tool is one of the most popular hand diggers out there. If the property is larger than that, then you'd need a middle size digger. Usually, there are five steps to responsible digging.

1. Mark your spot and get down on your knees. Back off about 3-5" from the ground and stick the dagger in ground.

2. Cut the grass counter-clockwise. Create a shape like horseshoe around the targeted spot. Dig at least 3” down so you are not cutting any grass roots.

3. Shovel the digger in a way that it forms a dirt plug. Again, cut it in a horse-shoe shape so it is easier for you to take it out.

4. Pour the dirt in a towel or something that can carry it easily. Check with the metal detector again. Take your finding from the hole.

5. Now take the towel and put the dirt back into the hole nice and slow. Press it firmly. Once it's good, step on it with your foot two to three times and there you go.

Complete Guide to Metal Detecting - Videos

Finally, cleaning the findings

First, you need to know what is more valuable and what is not. For instance, there are coins that are worth a lot but you might end up ruining their worth by cleaning them too much. Some coin collectors are really conscious and don't purchase any coins that are damaged or in some cases pay a lower price.

If you are not really into selling, then this shouldn't be a problem. Just keep brushes with soft bristles for light cleaning. The best cleaning agent is the mixture of dish soap and warm water. Don't strive for strong chemicals. They will eat away the precious metal. If the metal has gotten too much rust, then there is a procedure for it called electrolysis. Whatever the case is, just don't clean it before knowing the value.

80, here you are all motivated now, aren't you? Metal detection is a great hobby if done the right way. You will definitely not make a fortune with it, but some part of it gives you the inner pleasure of finding something awesome.

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