All You Ever Wanted To Know About Metal Detectors

A metal detector is a gadget particularly created to sense the presence of metals. And while these devices are useful in locating metal inclusions that are hidden inside objects, this device which is mostly handheld, comes with a sensor that produces a changing tone depending on whether or not it has made a detection. Yet there also exists a different type of metal detector that is stationery as well as a walk through.

This is mostly used for security screening especially at airports, schools, prisons and court houses. The metal detector works by adding up all the metal you have on your body. Note that even the metal buttons and zippers on your clothes are considered metal, and so is the small pin you might have inside your pocket. If you reach a given mass, the metal detector's alarm goes off.

About Metal Detectors

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Metal Detectors

The History of the Metal Detector

While it was first developed towards the final years of the 19th century, modern development of the metal detector actually began in the 191203. Industrial metal detectors came into being in the 19603 and were greatly applied in mineral prospecting as well as other industrial applications.

The modern top models were created by companies in the US. and Britain and were designed to be smaller, lighter and could even run on smaller battery packs. Today, metal detectors are computerized allowing the user to easily set track speed, sensitivity and threshold volume among st others.

Controversy Surrounding Metal Detectors

But despite the benefits the metal detector has had over the years, the devise has faced its fair share of controversy. in November of 2015 for example, NYC moved to decrease the use of metal detectors in city schools. This was due to the debate over whether or not the use of these devices unnecessarily created a tense and hostile environment for the students. Also, some argued that these devices might be making students feel unwelcome in the school environments.

Other controversies that have faced the metal detector include opinions and complaints from several individuals who feel detectors are a waste of their valuable time. In addition, they have expressed doubt on whether it even really works. Others have expressed concern that it could be serving the security purpose but takes a lot of time especially in the morning hour rush.

But perhaps the most controversial concern is that of whether or not these creations can pose a real health risks to us.

And while the concern over the creation of a tense and hostile environment especially in schools and that of wasting time due to the long queues could hold water, the controversy over posing a health risk has been debunked by scientists.

If you have an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker or a neuro stimulator, and are concerned about your safety, you are advised to talk to your doctor for medical advice and most probably also just stay away from metal detectors.

How to Move Past a Detector Without Raising Eyebrows

Let me say that in this age of terrorism, we should all just celebrate the safety that metal detectors provide. And while this might sound like a not very fool proof advice, it has worked for many. However, note that unlike machines, the security personnel are trained to detect stuff in a more efficient manner than machines. 

While moving past a metal detector can be tricky by itself, even trickier is moving a piece of metallic object and especially those that contain more metal than a cellphone. So here's the trick, use ceramics, porcelain and composites to go past the security check points as objects made from these including scissors and scalpels can easily slide through the metal detector.

Tips on Where to Hide Stuff to Avoid Metal Detectors

Deep concealment is the word you need to be acquitted with if you want to master doing this. There are several spots on your body that you can use. These include; taping what you want to pass with to a hidden part of your body such as your thigh, your armpit, soles of the feet and also between the shoulder blades or breasts.

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What about Cellphones?

Cellphones on the other hand can also be shielded. But how? You may ask. Well, by shielding the cell phone with your hand and closely pressing your hand against your body to form a shield! it is that easy! Key to note is that you should walk past the detector as fast as you can.

That's about all you ever wanted to know about metal detectors.

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