Pyle PHMD53 – Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Review

Every metal detectorists agree that the best thing they should get hold of is a quality detector. It is no doubt the reason they have been moving up and down trying to find the best value for their money. I am saying this because I have been there and probably you could be in that situation currently. There is a uniform standpoint about what the best detectors look like. Clearly, that is what is to be studied in the Pyle PHMD53 Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Review below.

A quality detector has high-quality sensitivity and quickly adjustable discrimination, it is lightweight, and even learners find it a fantastic option with which to learn. It has a search coil that exposes hidden treasure in a few sweeps and finally it is a suitable machine to use. Does the Pyle PHMD53 - Treasure MD qualify as one? Let us ascertain:

Features of the Pyle PHMD53 - Treasure Hunting Metal Detector

Pyle PHMD53 – Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Review

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10 level adjustable sensitivity/discrimination controls

An excellent control unit of a sensor is said to be fantastic when you are capable of using it to engineer sensing of metals that are in a greater depths. The PHMD53 detector ensures it doesn’t disappoint any detectorists regarding this. It has a convenient 10 level adjustment sensitivity. With every increase in sensitivity, there is an increase in the depth of detection achieved.

Further, you can modify the discrimination modes on this detector to differentiate between treasure and trash. You prevent reckless digging of your garden / yard in so doing, and that saves much of your time and other resources.

Inbuilt speaker with ping alerts

Nobody wants to find treasure buried in his yard without an alert from their metal detector. The Pyle PHMD53 is not left behind in this. It has an excellent inbuilt speaker that releases audible ping signals for you to decipher which kind of metal has been sensed. It is no secret that the tones are distinguished, and you will make a judgment with masterly good sense about the identity of the treasure.

You can enhance the degree of perception of the tones by using your headphones. That will refine the ping alerts, and you shall never complain of not having a distinction between the metals.

An 8’’ Waterproof submersible search coil

The detector has a concentric coil that is so sensitive to treasure. It uncovers all the hidden treasure that is close to the ground surface that you dream can’t be found. You doubt that? I have taken my PHMD53 –Treasure hunting MD every time I feel like playing around and collecting old treasure and coins.

I can’t make more than three sweeps before I hear a ping alert. I think my yard is full of treasure but the coil is active, and that is why it doesn’t lie about the underlying treasure. The suggestibility of the coil is a big plus. That makes you capable of checking for treasure even in wet areas.

Automatic ground balance for accuracy

A complete detection of metals in the ground is not satisfactory if your detector is incapable of penetrating through different types of soil. A highly mineralized/alkaline soil can make your time as a beginner to metal detecting so annoying and frustrating. That always happens, at least not until you have an MD that has an automatic ground balance like the Pyle PHMD53.

It becomes the gateway to neutralizing the alkaline properties and hence increasing the accuracy of detection of your detector. Metal detecting pros will also find it difficult to enjoy their favorite sport if there is no ground balance, accuracy, and deeper discoveries.

Pinpointing capability

This feature helps you to find easily the location of the treasure for which you are looking. In addition to the aid of the pinpoint ability, the depth indicator will help you to identify the approximate extent to which your target lies. You will not have any qualms with the rate at which you will shovel out silver, gold and small coin sized objects from your treasure field when you have this detector.

The shaft of the detector has an adjustable length (41’’-51’’), and that helps you to use the pinpoint mode efficiently. You can’t forget about the comfortable arm grip that makes the sensor so easy to handle as you sweep around to check for treasure.

Pyle PHMD53 - Treasure Hunting Metal Detector – Videos

What We Liked

  • It is quickly set up for use.
  • It is super light, and you will fight for it with your son during the detection exercise.
  • The handling of the detector is user-friendly.
  • Even a newbie finds it easy to operate.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The strap that comes with the MD can be too short for some users to use it with its comfortable armrest.

Features at a Glance

  • Inbuilt speaker with ping alerts.
  • A 10 level adjustment sensitivity/discrimination.
  • Pinpointing ability/ comfortable 41’’-51 ‘’ length.
  • An 8’’subimersible search coil.
  • Automatic ground balance for accuracy.
  • A comfortable hand grip.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 51.2x6.7x14.1 inches.
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Pyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the detector waterproof?
No. It is the submersible coil that is waterproof. You should not wet the electronics of this detector else you become frustrated.

Q: Can I use my headphones on the PHMD53 detector?
Yes. The detector has an excellent jack for your headphones.

Final Verdict

It is abundantly clear, that the Pyle PHMD53 Treasure Hunting Metal Detector lives up to the expectations of the users. It has an excellent discrimination and sensitivity. Its pinpointing ability and the ping tones make it easy to identify the treasure targets. That makes you a euphoric metal hunter.

If you are interested in making the most use of your time, you are recommended to purchase this particular detector. It is advisable that you check on Amazon to find more about this detector and make your purchase. It will help you to find coins, silver and gold pieces in using the best sensitivity and accuracy possible. Good luck in you hunting and historical artifact finding adventures!

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