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White’s Spectra VX3 Metal Detector Review

For over five decades now, white’s Electronics has been producing top-notch products, gaining a loyal customer base over that time. The white’s team has put all their efforts forth to ensure that the customers of their brand are satisfied. From the design to the cost of their products, it is evident that these providers want […]

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Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector Review

The Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector is one of the excellent, quality and versatile products we have in the market today. That can be borne out in the sales charts, the sheer volume in the field and the unmatched passion of which its owners love the metal detectors. Admittedly, it is easy to realize why: the […]

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Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack Metal Detector Review

A fantastic metal detector must bring desired results to you. It should also be versatile in its handling as well as being lightweight for easy portability. Every average Tom and Mary would like to get a metal detector that is using modern technology so as to suit their expectations of excellent results. Is the Minelab […]

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Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector Review

Coins, classical relics, new jewels and just about any piece of metal that falls into the class of precious metals are pieces that are easy to lose while their value can be priceless. You want to relieve the memories that are attached to some pieces. Where do you need to start from? Finding the most […]

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Minelab GO-FIND 40 Metal Detector Review

Minelab has been producing excellent detectors. It’s nice to think of evaluating some of their products to see what they can do and how they may help you in your relic hunting and coin shooting heroics. It is true that many MD user has been disappointed while using detectors and that is sad. I purchased […]

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Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector Review

Finding your lost pieces of valuable metal doesn’t have to be something excruciating and draining as it may be now. Sometimes, we treasure some pieces, and our life revolves around them. Simply put, we cannot by any chance afford to lose them. But what if we just lost them? Is it the end of life and […]

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MineLab CTX 3030 Standard Pack Metal Detector Review

There are many metal detectors on the market, but the MineLab CTX 3030 Standard Pack is truly what we can call a flagship. Its name is synonymous with all the excellent properties that you would give you breakthroughs in matters treasure hunting. Simply put, it represents a Holy Grail of metal detectors that have brought […]

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Ground EFX Swarm Series Digital Metal Detector Review

You are that great hunter; you are fired by that sheer and inflaming desire to find everything that just fits into the list of precious metals. Yes, you are on the right page no doubt. The Ground EFX Swarm Series Digital Metal Detector is the tool you need to get going. Imagine a device that […]

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Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Review

Searching for precious metals, relic hunting, and coin shooting can be a hobby. It can also prove to be a productive way of making small fortunes. For one to find the relics and other metals, a metal detector is handy. Finding a reliable metal detector can be a tedious task. There is the need to […]

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