White’s Spectra VX3 Metal Detector Review

For over five decades now, white’s Electronics has been producing top-notch products, gaining a loyal customer base over that time. The white’s team has put all their efforts forth to ensure that the customers of their brand are satisfied. From the design to the cost of their products, it is evident that these providers want to stay in the market for long.

One of the revolutionary products developed by white’s electronics is the White’s Spectra VX3 Metal Detector. Since 2009, this product has made the top cut and most of its features are at best incredible. For all good reasons, a treasure hunter should invest in this metal detector. Featuring the full-color display, interchangeable and waterproof search coil and the adjustable armrest, the VX3 never disappoints.

Further, the ergonomic design makes it a friendly product. There is more that is included in this metal detector. Want to have a gist?

Features of the White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detectors

White’s Spectra VX3 Metal Detector Review

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Eclipse 9.5" concentric coil

The search coil of the VX3 has been improved, and it is now better compared to that of the V3 and v3i. You are sure of accurate pinpointing and stable operation with the Eclipse 9.5" concentric coil. Consequently, you will detect as many metals as you wish under all conditions. This concentric coil works both on dry land and shallow water.

The waterproof feature ensures that your metal detector is protected from the hazards that may be caused by water. There are also five optional coils included that expand the versatility of this item. You can choose the coil that meets your requirements.

Intuitive controls

The menu system of the VX3 features various options that allow easy navigation when you want to make adjustments. The sections that are found on the main menu include; the ground tracking, discrimination mode, sensitivity settings, frequency adjustment, audio balance, filter and speed and the main programs of the metal detector. These sections contain specific options that allow you to customize this device to suit your personal preferences and needs.

You can access all the main menu’s adjustments through the "live control." With this White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector, all your treasure hunting dreams will be turned into realities. The provider has included a built-in function that helps you to understand what each adjustment means.

Multi-frequency operation

The white’s electronics has included a multi-frequency functioning in all of its V models. The VX3 operates on three different frequencies concurrently for unique and all-purpose hunting. You can also choose any of the frequencies when you want a specific application. Each frequency is optimized for a particular type of metal.

For instance, 2.5 kHz is for silver and copper, 22.5 kHz for gold, nickel, and other small targets, and 7.5 kHz for general hunting. Moreover, the VX3 features an additional salt compensate feature that curbs the challenges caused by salts that are usually found in desert areas and ocean beaches.

Live control bar

Using a digital metal detector can be overwhelming for newbies. The use of menus instead of conventional knobs for adjustment is at best, difficult to scroll up and down the menu, exit search mode or make any adjustment.

However, White’s Electronics have addressed this problem, and its users will find the use of this device incredibly easy. The inclusion of the live control bar allows you to understand all the adjustment features on the main menu. You can enlarge the live bar if you want to see the available adjustments clearly. Contrary, you can minimize it to increase spectra graph display.

Remember, not every target is worth. The VX3 has features additional features that help you to determine the value of the buried metal. The vibrant color, back lighting ability, and the crisp graphics are amazing features that promote productive treasure hunting.

Visual discrimination indicator (VDI)

Once a metal has been detected, the VDI will show a figure that will help you know the target ID of the hidden metal. Another icon will appear next to the VDI to create certainty of the metal target’s ID. Remember, the metal detector has eight search modes, and the icon that will appear will entirely depend on the type of search mode you have selected. For instance, you may set your device to detect only jewels, gold or just prospecting mode.

The depth of the target can also show up on the screen, and this is handy when it comes to pinpointing your targets. Whether deep or shallow, the device will help you know the exact location. The SpectGraph shows the VDI value and relative strength of the frequencies used in target detection.

White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector – Videos

What We Liked

  • It has a rechargeable battery system.
  • The discrimination mode allows you to hunt for treasures only and eliminate trash.
  • It comes with a two-year limited that gives you the peace of mind.
  • It has water and fog proof search coil which makes it possible to detect targets that are hidden in the shallow water.
  • It can use wireless headphones for easy relic hunting in noisy places. It also features a built-in speaker.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No customer has complained yet. The biggest enemy is yourself if you have this metal detector.

Features at a Glance

  • Deep indication.
  • HD color display.
  • VLF multi-frequency technology.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Waterproof search coil.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 44 x 9 x 12 inches.
  • Item Weight: 2.7 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 6.7 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Whites Electronics.
  • Origin: USA.
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the metal detector waterproof?
: The item can be used in two feet of water, but the electronics should be protected from water.

Q: Does it include a spare promotional coil?
Yes, the manufacturer has added this.

Final Verdict

If there is a real flagship killer in the world of treasure hunting, the White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector probably makes the top cut. With a customer rating of 4.9 out of 5, it is evident that this is a great value for your money. It is designed for any treasure hunter who is seeking a broad range of unique features and top performance without tweaking anything.

The manufacturer has included optimal features that can meet the requirements of both experienced relic hunters and newbies. It will be a shame to go for other metal detectors that will end up frustrating you when you have the VX3. Be sure that you will never regret to have invested in this metal detector. Make a choice now!

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