Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case Review

For the past decade, I have reviewed many metal detector carrying cases to help treasure hunters find the best pick for them. Today, there are many options with a plethora of incredible features and choosing the best from the wide range of those options can be overwhelming especially for new buyers.

I came across the Winbest metal detector carrying case and sure it checked all the boxes that I was looking for the best carrying bag. It incorporates a broad range of distinguishing features that makes it stand out in the market. From the customer reviews and user ratings, it is evident that this is a great purchase.

Remember, if you don’t invest in a quality carrying case for your metal detector, your detector will be vulnerable to scratches, wear and tear. With this product, you can be assured of quality. Let’s find out why this product is a must buy:

Features of the Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case

Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case Review

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Strong and durable material

You need a product that will last for many years and the Winbest is that product. Remember, BARSKA manufactures durable metal detectors that can last for months if not a couple of years. Their carrying cases have just copied that. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on something that will only last for weeks and starts showing signs of wear their after.

For that reason, Winbest metal detector carrying case is made of soft and strong materials that can withstand the weight of your treasure hunting device and provide the protection needed for a long time; the safety of your equipment is well taken care of.

Large interior space

It is always a sweet spot to compare the size of the metal detector and the interior space of the carrying case. However, it is unlikely to guess the exact size of your device if you go out to shop without carrying it. You are more likely to get disappointed if you invest in any Winbest metal detector but buy a carrying from a different manufacturer. 

It may be either too big or too small for your device. But with the Winbest carrying case, you have nothing to worry. The interior space is large enough to accommodate your gadget with ease.

Adjustable carrying strap

What makes the Winbest carrying case so spectacular is nature of its carrying strap. You don’t have to worry about the size of your body. Whether you are big or small, the carrying case will cater for you all. You just need to adjust the length of the carrying strap and everything will look worryingly easy.

Remember, you don’t need to undergo training or follow some annoying instructions from unclear manuals; the adjustment is as easy as buttoning your shirt. This means that the carrying case can be customized to meet your needs should need be.

Soft material

You need your metal detector to stay in the best form always and free from scratches. With this carrying case, you will be sure that you investment is safe while sleeping in it. The interior design of this metal detector bag is made of soft materials that provides top-most security and safety of your device.

Consequently, this prolongs the life span of your treasure hunting device, saving you the cost of getting a replacement due to poor performance.

2 Carrying handles

The Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case by BARSKA features two carrying handles to make it easier for you to carry it with you. Some carrying cases have just one handle which I think is not user friendly. When your metal detector is on your back, its weight must be distributed evenly to both arms to reduce the possibility of getting exhausted even before going to your treasure hunting hotpot.

Also, the two handles ensure that the bag doesn’t slip off your arms, causing damage to your invaluable investment.

2 Outside zippered pockets

When you are going out to hunt for relics, gold, silver or any other precious metals, you need four primary components to make your hustle a success. You need an excellent metal detector, a carrying case, a bag to store your fortune and zest, of course. The Winbest metal detector features two outside zippered pockets to store your metals after you have extracted them from either underwater or underground. 

You don’t have to carry a different storage bag; the Winbest serves two purposes in one. Moreover, the zippered pockets save you the cost of buying an additional storage bag. If you want to carry some snacks, magnifying glass or your headphones with you, this carrying case will rescue you.

Lightweight and simple

Amazon is always the best place to get great purchases and this carrying case is one of them. Having a heavy metal detector and a heavy carrying case can make your treasure hunting experience boring and uneventful. Carrying a heavy load on your back is tiresome and may discourage you from going to higher (and rather unimaginable) lengths during your treasure hunting session.

It makes a lot of sense to invest in a lightweight carrying case if treasure hunting is your daily hobby. Otherwise, you will get discouraged sooner rather than later and as a result, you will definitely quit. You should therefore take advantage of the simple and lightweight nature of the Winbest case to take your metal hunting experience to the next level.

Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case – Videos

What We Liked

  • It is lightweight and hence easy to carry.
  • It is inexpensive; great value for your money.
  • It can be customized to meet your expectations: -it has an adjustable carrying strap.
  • It has spacious to accommodate any metal detector.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers have complained that the zippers separate immediately after zipping.

Features at a Glance

  • Heavy duty bag.
  • Dual Outside Zippered Pockets.
  • Fits All Barska Metal Detectors.
  • Dual Carrying Handles.
  • Includes Adjustable Carrying Strap.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 45 inches.
  • Weight: 2.1 ounces.
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds.
  • Adjustable: Carrying strap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I purchased a bounty hunter metal detector. Will it fit in this bag?
Yes, the carrying case has a large interior space that can accommodate any metal detector and leave some “breathing” space.

Q: Would my pro edition fit in this bag?
Oh yes, there is no problem with that.

Final Verdict

If you have got a metal detector and you want a carrying case to take the safety of your investment to the next level, consider the Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case. Many manufacturers are competing to get the largest market share as far as the sale of carrying cases is concerned, but Winbest shows no signs of letting go of this competitive and prestigious market.

BARSKA is working hard to produce customized carrying cases that can quench the thirst of all treasure hunting enthusiast. For how long will this bag continue dominating the market? Only time will tell but not until that date; it remains to be a beast in this industry.

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