Beistle 55835 10 Pack Star Cutouts 5 Inch Review

Cutouts are a core ingredient in the coloring of events such as the July 4th celebrations. The cutouts add taste to any decoration especially when they come in different colors or different patterns that create a rainbow sensation. Beistle cutouts come in red, blue and white colors. The colors are a full representation of the colors in the USA flag thus they are suitable for decoration on national festivities. The cutouts are usually 5-inches in size and are star shaped. The cutouts, therefore, offer a beautiful ambiance wherever they are set.

They can be placed on tables or only hanged to decorate areas. The 10-pack cutouts mean that they cover a large area that enhances the beauty of any location, be it at home at restaurants or even the office. Beistle cutouts are exquisite and above that they are high quality. Every event deserves some celebration, and there is no better way to remember it, than with some beautiful decoration.

Features of the Beistle 55835 10 Pack Star Cutouts 5 Inch

Beistle 55835 10 Pack Star Cutouts 5 Inch Review

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High quality

The cutouts of 55835 are a high-quality paper hence they last for a long duration. It is, therefore, possible to use the cutouts for one event and then save them for later use. The high-quality aspect also means that they give a beautiful shiny luster. The last thing you would probably want in your event is to have some dull-looking cutouts to ruin the ambiance.

The cutouts reflect light in a beautiful manner that is satisfying. It also means that the cutouts are not easily destroyed while hanging them. It would be a disaster to have the cutouts ruined even before you are done hanging them.

Star cutouts

The stars indicate a display of an artistic impression that cannot be missed by anyone. Beistle provides the cutouts in star shapes. The stars provide an ambiance that cannot be matched by cutouts of any other shape. Square or even circular cutouts can certainly not indicate beauty like well-shaped star cutouts.

The star-shaped cutouts, which are usually bright enough to give the impression that they produce light, often bring out the beauty that is in whatever place they are placed and beyond that, they add some beauty themselves. The stars are very suitable especially for coloring a national holiday celebration.


Beistle cutouts come in a package of ten. It means that the colors appear more than once and are therefore good for forming a pattern. Models tend to be more beautiful than having a repeat of colors. The pattern enhances the beauty and is especially superb when it is meant to mimic the colors of the flag. The fact that they are beautifully shaped also make them much more attractive than some plain weird shapes especially when they are not properly developed.

A packaging of 10 cutouts also means that there is no difficulty in searching for other pieces to form the pattern. It is important to have a model of same-quality cutouts that's why ten pieces prove efficient.

Great value

Beistle star cutouts give more value than they are priced. The cutouts can last for a long time without losing their bright color. They also tend to withstand some damaging factors such as wind. The cutouts are also suitable for decoration in that they do not catch dust quickly. It would be awful if the cutouts caught dust quickly as it would mean that decoration cannot be done a day before the event.

Beistle adds life to the occasion and due to their high value, they can be dismounted and preserved for another event. The cutouts are simply worth their value.

Patriotic Party Item

The 10-pack star cutouts come in red, blue and white. It means that they are suitable for coloring a patriotic party since they represent the colors of the USA flag. The colors can be arranged in such a way that they indicate the flag. Beistle is probably the best cutouts to use for the patriotic occasion.

As an indication of patriotism, they make you feel very patriotic, and they certainly add some color to the photos taken during the national celebrations. The cutouts are also easy to hang since they have hole-punch for proper hanging. They are the ideal choice for marking the passing of every great occasion.

Double color

For beauty enhancement, the 10-pack star cutouts have double color. It is great that they are decorated on both sides to show beauty on either side. The aspect is amazing especially for cutouts that are not hanging against the wall. It means that they can be mounted in a position where both sides of the cutouts are visible.

It is a simple aspect that works very well in enhancing beauty in a place. It would be awful to have some cutouts that have color on one side, and are plain on the other side since they eliminate their need for an addition of beauty.

Excellent weight

The 10-pack cutouts weigh a total of 0.8 ounces. It means that they are in the right weight distribution. They are not too light as to be blown by the wind easily, and neither are they heavy enough to fall off the position where they are hung. Massive cutouts would mean that they would tear from the hole-punch all the way up to the string or whatever material is holding them in position and eventually fall.

It would mean that the pattern in which the cutouts are hanging will be affected. You can also imagine the shame they would cause if they all fell off or a good number of them.

Beistle 55835 10 Pack Star Cutouts 5 Inch – Videos

What We Liked

  • Durable.
  • High quality.
  • Double color.
  • Variety of colors.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They are made of paper.

Features at a Glance

  • 10 per package.
  • Paper cutouts.
  • Hole-punch.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 x 0.1 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 ounces.
  • Origin: USA.
  • Size: Pkg of 1.
  • Color: Red / White / Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the color double-sided?
Yes. The color is present on both sides.

Q: How large are the stars?
: The stars are all 5-inch.

Final Verdict

Beistle 10-pack star cutouts are the ideal decoration material needed to make an event memorable. It is great that they are durable and that they give a breathtaking ambiance when in position. The multiple colors are an enhancement of beauty that cannot be provided by cutouts of just one color. The fact that they are star shaped, also mean that they give the best pattern of shapes.

With their double color, Beistle cutouts are suitable for hanging in any position. The cutouts can, however, be placed even on display tables to provide some beauty. It is evident that Beistle cutouts are a source of beauty for any festive occasion. It is thus acceptable to say that they are among the best ways to decorate any specific place.

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