Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector Review

Do you want to buy a new Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector? When you have the information about it, the chances that you would make a perfect purchasing deal is high from the available options within the market. Those buyers who have learnt on these features of Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector have been capable of making excellent deals.

You will also know the tips to remember when using if you were to avoid having problems when using it. During your time when using one, you would have these excellent ideas that will make you appreciate it well. Here is a review of this Metal Detector to remember prior to buying:

Features of the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector Review

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It uses two modes of button push

If you want to shoot at a higher accuracy, you will use the push-button discrimination with 1-touch depth control that would make your work much easier when planning to use it. Those who have been using it when shooting have been able to appreciate it thus making it one of the common and easy to use shooting tools when planning for a perfect hunting experience when using it.

You will always use it easily since all you have to do is to push a button when using it. With a simple guide on how to use it, you will master the tricks when shooting.

It has an automatic ground balance

When you buy the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector, you will find out that it fully automatic ground balance that has squelch-tech to eliminate false signals when using it. You will definitely like it since you will get the quality that perfectly works for if you need a quality purchase. Those who have bought it have always been satisfied with the way it works when they need a perfect quality.

This means you can always aim the target to shot automatically for an increased accuracy when shooting. Those shooters or hunters who have been training with it have been satisfied at the quality of this Metal Detector in terms of operations when shooting.

It works on a digital target identification display

The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector that you will buy will always work on a digital target identification display that makes it operate uniquely when compared to these other options. During your market purchase, you will learn on its 3-tone audio feedback for a perfect detection.

This Metal Detector is equipped with modern preset ground balance that neutralizes the response to the mineral content within the ground. With this Squelch-Tech, the detector can eliminate any false signals thus saving you lots of time. The pinpointer can help you in finding exact locations of buried objects of metal.

It has an easy-to-view LCD display

This automatic metal detector has a feature of digital LCD display with 4-segment digital that target identification as well as 3-tone audio feedback for that accurate as well as easy identification of these buried objects. Its LCD display will also give you with a clear view of these varying distances. With these push-button discrimination with one-touch depth control, thus the LCD metal detector can sometimes be very easy or simple to use.

You should remember that the easy-view LCD display can be readable at varying distances for those users tall or short. You will be satisfied when using it since it has some of the excellent looking features that makes using it very simple when you are looking for the best.

It is easy to maintain after buying

When using the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector, you will learn that it easier to use when compared to other models that you can easily adopt depending on what will work for you during the market purchase. The buyers have been satisfied with the quality of this Metal Detector since it has uniquely works when you want the best product from the given market.

It is also readable at varying distances that needs two 9-volt batteries, Pinpointer, and pinpoints exact location of these objects. You will be satisfied at the depth Detection of 8 inches for coin-size objects; and 3 inches for very large objects when shooting.


With a fully automatic ground balance Squelch-Tech that is eliminates false signals with Push-button discrimination as well as one-touch depth control system, you will have an easy time when using one. This will make it very easy to use from the 4-segment digital target of identification and another 3-tone audio feedback that will give an accurate identification of these buried objects.

The Easy-view LCD display will provide you with the information that will be key for you when using one. You will appreciate the technology used since you will acquire the deals that would work absolutely perfect for you during the process.

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector – Videos

What We Liked

  • It has a low Battery Indicator.
  • Its lightweight is 2.8 lbs.
  • Its electrical Specs is 7 KHz.
  • It operates on a two 9-Volt Alkaline Batteries when you buy them.
  • It has an ergonomic design with Adjustable height, S-rod system, padded armrest, and detector stand.

What We Didn’t Like

  • When you buy a this metal detector, you will learn on the design that would work well for you during your market design. The cost of maintaining it sometimes can be high making it one of the shortcomings to understand.

Features at a Glance

  • It requires Two 9-Volt Batteries.
  • You will Visual Target System of LCD Display.
  • Preset Ground Balance: It neutralizes its response to the ground mineral content.
  • It has many modes of operation namely motion all-metal, variable notch systems and progressive discrimination.

Product Specifications

  • Item Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 28.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Lightweight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Electrical Specs: 7 KHz

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How durable is it?
You can use it well as long as you do maintain it well upon using it.

Q: Can you add oil on its parts?
You can always add oil as lubricant when using it. However, you must know the type of oil that you will be adding when using it.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, with the review of Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal detector, you will learn on the specs that you must look for when you want you want a perfect one from the market. You will definitely get what will work well for you during your purchase as you do buy the quality that will work well for you.

You will never make a mistake when using the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector especially when you understand it features. This will make you appreciate at the same time improve your hunting skills easily and amazingly.

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