Lyra’s Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt Review

Gold panning is increasingly becoming popular, gaining fame over the past few decades, and many people are finding it incredibly valuable. Whether gold panning is a source of fun or a way of making some pennies, you need a quality panning paydirt. This is where the Lyra’s Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt comes in.

Remember, if you are learning to pan for gold, practice is handy to ensure that you get the maximum from your quest. Gold Paydirt can be one way of sharpening your skills. It is also a good way to pass the time as it is fun and every piece of gold flake or nugget found is worthwhile. The paydirt contains a good amount of gold in it and occasionally gold nuggets.

You can add some gold to this product if you want to reap a sizeable amount of gold from the paydirt. Keep in mind that a gold-pan is required to sieve through the dirt to get the clean gold.

Features of the Lyra's Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt

Lyra's Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt Review

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Panning Instructions

Novices require some instructions on what to do with paydirt to find the gold in it. Alaska paydirt contains some instructions that prove very helpful in the search for the gold. The user is thus able to locate the gold by only following the instructions. The guidelines are elaborate, and because Alaska paydirt contains a right amount of gold, even a first timer will sure find the color in the paydirt. 

The instructions are easy to read and can be followed even by a child. Gold panning is however not difficult since all the heavy material stay in the pan even after vigorous panning.

Extra gold added

Alaskan paydirt contains some extra gold added to it. It is, therefore, sure that the paydirt contains some gold in it. With other types of paydirt, it is possible to find very few gold amounts in them making the purchase worthless. In Alaskan paydirt, finding gold is easy and with any amount of paydirt being searched for gold no single time can you miss some good amount.

The extra gold surely makes the panning action fun, and you can enjoy looking for the gold time after time until the paydirt is all over. It is certainly satisfying to know that real gold is added for a sure chance to find some color.

High amount

Even in the case where paydirt is a purchase just for the fun of looking for gold, it is good to know that you will find a reasonable amount of gold from it. Lyra's paydirt contains a good amount of gold. Getting gold of up to. 2 grams is possible. It, therefore, means that you will not have to keep combing through layers of dirt just to find a few flakes of gold.

The secret of finding a lot of gold from the Alaskan paydirt is to search small amounts at a time. Seeking small amounts at any point will ensure that you get maximum number from the paydirt.

Ideal for practice

For anyone looking to learn how to search for gold out in the field, Alaskan paydirt acts as the first step to knowing how to look for the gold with success. Since the paydirt contains gold, it is, therefore, a good way to know how good you are judging from the amount that you will find.

The more you continue looking for the gold, the greater the experience you get and that way, you will be sure to get gold whenever you decide to go out looking for it. It is thus the right paydirt for educational purpose to educate people on how to look for gold.


It is possible to get gold nuggets from Lyra's gold paydirt in occasional cases. Gold nuggets apparently give much more satisfying results than some simple flakes. The paydirt is, therefore, worth its price since some of the nuggets will even give you some sentimental value. It is precisely the feeling that is felt by gold prospectors once they find massive deposits of gold.

You can get a couple of large nuggets from the paydirt that confirms that the purchase was worth it. In the case that the paydirt was bought for practice to go out and look for gold, the Nuggets prove to be a great motivation.


Lyra's weighs only 1 pound. The weight ensures that you have enough paydirt to comb through. It, therefore, means that the chance for success is elevated. On the other hand, bearing in mind that the paydirt contains a sizeable amount of gold, it means that one does not have to look too hard to find the gold.

1 pound of paydirt ensures that you will have all the fun looking for the gold. It will take you long enough to have the fun you want and not too much time to find the right amount of gold you are searching. At that weight, the price is also fair meaning that it is worth its value.


The package is compact and durable. It means that you do not have to transfer the paydirt into another container after you have opened it. Lyra is made with the reasoning that most people do not look through the paydirt in a single day to find all the gold. It is a fun thing that is mostly done during free time and thus people tend to search through the paydirt a little at a time.

The packaging is made such that once it has been opened, the paydirt remains secure and thus there is no need to change the container. The package also ensures that it cannot be damaged by external conditions easily.

Lyra's Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt – Videos

What We Liked

  • Excellent package.
  • Great price.
  • Panning Instructions.
  • Lots of gold.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A wide range of amount of gold found.

Features at a Glance

  • Panning Instructions.
  • Gold nuggets.
  • Alaskan gold.
  • Extra gold added.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 5.1x3.3x2.4 inches.
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If it has gold, then why don't you pan it and keep it?
It is no panned because it has only about worth of gold. It is all about the fun.

Q: What do I need for panning?
You only need a gold pan for panning.

Final Verdict

Alaskan paydirt is evidently one of the most valuable paydirts in the market today. It contains a significant amount of gold in it. It is an ideal paydirt for all people who want to have fun or those who want to learn what is required while prospecting for gold. The fact that many people find a good amount of gold nuggets in some of the paydirts, means that it is worth its price.

It is a great purchase that considers the desire of the purchaser to find a fair amount of gold. With the fact that gold found ranges from 0.12 to 0.2 grams means that the amount is sufficient from a 1 pound bag. Lyra's paydirt offers a chance to feel like you are out in the gold mines searching for the gold. It offers an amazing way to relax after work or to entertain kids and make them engaged.

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