SE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure Hunting Review

When metal detecting, it is necessary to have something to scoop up the soil after digging. SE plastic sand scoop is a very useful tool in scooping up the soil to make the location of metal easier. It is the right tool to do that kind of work. To locate metal with ease, a metal detector is used to indicate the position of the metal; then the sand is scooped with the sand scoop and then the metal detector is run over the sand in the scoop to tell whether the metal has been scooped.

It is, therefore, easy to locate the metal. Most metals especially those that rust tends to take the color of the sand in which they are buried into. It is, therefore, difficult to tell the presence of the metal by your naked eye. A sand scoop is very useful in taking the sand in the target area if the metal has not been seen yet.

Features of the SE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure Hunting

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SE is usually made of plastic. Plastic is very efficient in scooping for sand since it does not affect the metal detection like a metal scoop would. Since one runs the metal detector over the sand scooped to tell whether or not the metal has been scooped with the soil, it would be tough to determine whether the metal detected has been scooped if the sand scoop is made of metal.

The metal sand scoop would, therefore, affect the metal detection hence slowing down the process. A plastic scoop is thus considered an asset in metal detection especially one that is made of durable plastic like the SE.


For the ease of removing the soil from the sand scoop, SE has sift-holes that allow the sand to fall out quickly. The sift-holes are of the right size to ensure that sand falls out in small amounts to avoid missing the metal. It would be awful to scoop up sand and then have to pour it back without having found the metal.

The sift-holes, therefore, ensure that once metal of any particular size has been scooped together with the sand, it cannot fail to be noticed since the sand comes out of the sift-holes in a smooth flow that allows one to observe for the metal indicated and find it quickly.


Gp3-SS20 is made of a soft plastic that makes the flow of sand out to be easy. The soft plastic is also useful in scooping up the sand with a lot of ease. A rough scoop would restrict the soil that has been scooped to stick inside and thus preventing a smooth flow that facilitates the process of locating the metal scooped up.

SE is also easy to clean thanks to its soft surface. It is important to clean up the sand scoop after a day in locating treasures, and a scoop that is easy to clean is always welcome since it helps save time.

SE Logo

Any genuine product should have a logo or anything indicating its manufacturer. SE has a logo on its packaging that confirms to the buyer whether the product is original or not. Bearing In mind that recently there has been a series of forged products, it is a great thing that SE has a logo.

Most fake products do not come even close to matching the functioning capacity of the original product, and they are not also half as durable as the original. Buyers should, therefore, be wary of fake products in the market, and there is no better way to know a genuine product than a logo.

Light Weight

Plastic materials are usually lighter than metal products. SE is no different since it is made of a light plastic whose weight cannot be felt even with a full scoop. It is a good thing that it is that light because it is possible for the user to take a scoop of a good amount of sand at a time when searching for metals.

The large scoops, therefore, saves time used in seeking treasures as the time used when bending to scoop the sand is greatly reduced. The weight also means that when going to look for metals the weight of the sand scoop does not cause fatigue to the user.


SE is made of a very sturdy plastic. It means that the plastic can last for years without getting damaged in any way. It thus helps save the money used to buy new sand scoops. The scoop is also able to withstand considerable heat from the sun without getting weak over time like most plastics tend to.

It is a very durable metal that ensures that the buyer gets a full service from the incredible tool. The sturdy nature also makes it suitable for scooping sand since it cannot bend from the pressure involved in scooping the sand.

Great size

For a proper scoop, a tool of the right size is required. GP3-SS20 is of a good medium size. It is, therefore, the right size to take the scoops necessary to find the metal with ease. It is long and deep thus it manages to scoop a good amount of sand. A small scoop leads to a waste of time since the user takes small scoops at a time thus wasting valuable time.

Avery large scoop, on the other hand, would be bulky and cumbersome for the user thus not fitting the work. SE is thus a very efficient tool in sand scooping as it saves time as is required of it.

SE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure Hunting – Videos

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Soft
  • Durable

What We Didn’t Like

  • It comes in only in a green color.

Features at a Glance

  • Plastic
  • Handle
  • Green
  • Sift-holes

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.8 x 5 inches.
  • Length: 8.5 inches.
  • Item Weight: 3.7 ounces.
  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces.
  • Manufacturer: Sona Enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It's plastic, right? Is it durable?
It is made of a sturdy plastic thus it is durable.

Q: The sift-holes seem large don't they affect the function of the scoop?
The sift-holes are the right size to allow easy metal detection.

Final Verdict

For anyone serious about metal detecting, it is crucial that you have a sand scoop to help ease the work. Whether in the beach or any other place, a sand scoop proves very efficient. SE sand scoop has all the characteristics that one looks for in a sand scoop from durability, efficiency, ease of use to its soft nature. It is a very efficient tool in metal detecting, and the fact that it is made of plastic indicates that it does not get in the way of finding treasures.

Its sift-holes also make it easy to get rid of the sand that has been scooped to retain the desired metals. It is simply a jewel that any treasure hunter should not miss. Metal detection while done with the aid of the scoop cuts the time used in metal detecting by a great margin hence saving time.

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