The Leif Garrett Collection Review

The music industry is growing and getting better, which is good news for music lovers. The love songs fans have a reason to smile too. Many songs have been produced in the past ten years but the Leif Garrett Collection has defied all the odds, and it has become a perfect flagship killer in the industry.

What makes this collection so spectacular is the nature of the lyrics of all the tracks. The artist has mastered the skill of combining sweet lines in a unique style that will leave you begging for more. The bits too are delicious, and you will definitely love them. It is a great collection for any person regardless of gender.

The collection features twelve tracks that are unique in their ways. Let’s look at the first seven tracks to give you an insight into this collection. Read on:

Features of the The Leif Garrett Collection

The Leif Garrett Collection Review

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Runaround Sue

Runaround Sue is the first track in the collection. Dion and Maresca wrote this pop song (at around 1961) and it narrates the story of one unfaithful lover. In 1977, the song was covered by Garrett Leif. During the subsequent years, it hit the headlines; reaching number eighteen on the Cash Box and number fifteen in Canada.

The lyrics of this song talks about a girl (Sue) who was unfaithful to his boyfriend. The artist warns all men to avoid this lady because she “runs around” and she never settles down with one man. I listened to this song, and sure it had some moral lesson.

I Was Made for Dancin

This Leif Garrett Collection is the third track in the collection. It tells a story of a person who loves their lovers so much. Every time they have nothing to do, they take their love out on stage to dance. We are told that this person is crazy about this love and can even dance all night long with the lover –“I was made for Dancin, I can dance all, all, all, and all night long”. From the time it was released, it has been reviewed positively by many listeners.

The Wanderer

Part of what makes the wanderer so funny is how unpredictable this man (the wanderer) is. Written by Maresca and recorded by Dion Originally, the lyrics of this track tell a person who has many lovers. He goes around kissing and hugging every beautiful girl he comes across. We are told that this man finds it irresistible to stay amidst elegant ladies without the urge of kissing them.

The man roams around to look for women, but the funny part of it all is that all these girls do not know the name of this person. They call him the wanderer. It is an all-time hit that can restore some smile on your face on a boring and uneventful day.

Memorize Your Number

This is another pop song that runs for 2.48 minutes. Although it has not been reviewed yet on Amazon, the lyrics are sweet, and it is well presented. The song talks about a man who is in love in love with a particular lady, but he doesn’t want to memorize the number of the partner. He tells us that if he remembers the number, he will be hurt every time he calls the partner and she is not there.

The singer also tells us about the first time when he met with his girlfriend and the sweet moments of the first kiss. He doesn’t want to memorize the number because he knows that one day the lover may go away.

Feel the need

If you want “crush” to feel the need of loving you, this Leif Garrett Collection track is for you. Sometimes love can be one-sided, and this is at best; annoying, embarrassing and hurting. If you listen to the words of the singer carefully, you will get the reason to love your partner even more. It can be handy for those lovers or couples who are not serious with their relationships.

The artist reminds you that your girlfriend is the best gift and the sweetest thing in existence, and there is a need to love each other forever. For the ladies, they will feel that their boy friends treasure them most than anything, and this builds the love.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

The song is another entertaining and educative genre that teaches you the real meaning of love. It will be nice if you listen to this track if you are together with your partner. It will create togetherness.

From experience, I know that kissing your partner, putting your head on her shoulders, whispering in her ears the things she loves and doing everything to show them that you love them will take you places.

When I Think of You

You have all the reasons to listen to this track. It teaches you how true love impacts the lives of people. From the lines of this song; you will realize that love can bring either joy or stress. The artist tells us that when he thinks about his girlfriend, he feels like dancing all over; up and down the streets – he feels like the world is the best place to be just because of her.

Thinking of her reminds him the sweet summer months before she left. He can’t wait for the summer to come again so that he can see her once again. When you listen to this song, you will just think about your lover and I believe that this will strengthen your relationship.

The Leif Garrett Collection – Videos

What We Liked

  • It is entertaining.
  • Every track has a moral lesson.
  • It creates togetherness between couples.
  • The collection teaches you the need to love your partner.
  • The entire collection plays for less than forty minutes, eliminating the possibility of getting bored.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Most tracks have not been reviewed on Amazon and hence new customers may not have an insight into the collection before they buy it.

Features at a Glance

  • Originates from the USA.
  • Audio CD.
  • Compact disc.

Product Specifications

  • Audio CD: (February 23, 2009).
  • Original Release Date: February 23, 2009.
  • Number of Discs: 1.
  • Format: Original recording remastered.
  • Label: Sony BMG.
  • Run Time: 37 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy this collection as a gift for my partner?
Yes, the songs are so sweet. Moreover, they mostly talk about love.

Q: Where can I get the best CD?
A: is the best place to place your order. It will be processed, and you will get your CD within a short period.

Final Verdict

It goes without saying that Leif Garett’s albums are the best to listen to when you feel that you are bored, and you would wish to restore that smile once again. So, if you love listening to love songs, Leif’s collection can be a perfect pick for you. Regardless of your gender or age, this collection can teach you much.

More often than none, when you listen to these tracks, you will remember something about your partner and they will bring up specific memories about the good time that you usually spend together - the forgotten memories will come back as fresh as they were, giving you a reason to be happy. There is no need to stay alone in the house when Leif Garett is here to entertain you.

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