Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA Review

Are you looking for a user-friendly metal detector that will provide multiple modes of operation? Great! The Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA is the perfect choice for you. The Winbest Pro edition comes with a full array of unique features that makes the treasure hunting experience enjoyable and worryingly easy.

The beauty of the Winbest revolves around the excellent technical support offered by its manufacturers (BARSKA). They are always willing to help their customers should anything happen. Be it faulty parts, problems in operation or any other problem, the manufacturer will come in to assist you at any time.

With the Winbest pro edition metal detector by BARSKA, you can hunt for relics, coins, gold, jewelry, silver and any other precious metal just about any time and everywhere. This device is versatile; offers unmatched affordability, and it is easy to use. It can be an ideal pick for both experienced treasure hunters and those newbies who are coming to the industry for the first time. The features that promise an enjoyable treasure hunting experience include:

Features of the Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA Review

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Headphone jack

If you live in a noisy environment, and finding metals is your idea of great fun, consider investing in a metal detector that has inbuilt speakers and a headphone jack. Typically, metal detectors produce a beep whenever a metal is detected but the noise can be a barrier, and some metals can go unnoticed.

Imagine how frustrating it will be to miss some gold that is some few inches in the ground just because you did not hear the beep. Will you have any peace of mind? I bet no. However, headphone jack of this product allows you to connect your headphones, and this makes it easier to detect all metals buried in the ground.

Sleek design and lightweight

You don’t need to seek the help of a weightlifter to have this metal detector relocated/moved from one place to another. It is lightweight, and you can move around with it effortlessly; it will not deplete your energy. Consequently, you can use it all day without getting tired.

Moreover, the sleek and attractive design of this product makes it stand out in the market. You are sure to have the most beautiful asset if you invest in the Winbest pro metal detector, and all eyes will be on you as you move down the streets of Texas. You won’t regret investing in it.

Submergible search coil

You have a robust metal detector if you invest in the Winbest pro edition. The authenticity of this great product makes its users love this particular product. Can you imagine that you can use this metal detector to look for metals that are under shallow water? Yes! The search coil is waterproof, and you can dip it in water without fearing that you may destroy your device.

I love this fantastic feature. I bought mine a couple of years ago, and I have been using in shallow water, but it has never told me that it has quenched its thirst, and it is not interested in drinking water anymore. It is willing to help anytime you need it.

Two operational modes

The Winbest Pro offers the highest level of customization; the users can modify it to meet their treasure hunting needs. It features two modes of operation that gives the user the option to pick the one that matches their needs. First, the all metal mode is used for all metal targets that may be hidden deep in the ground. This mode will detect any metal regardless of its value. The mode is ideal for those people who are learning how to detect metals for the first time, and they could wish to have enough experience before they embark on real treasure hunting. 

On the other hand, the Disc mode is ideal for detecting a particular type of metal. For instance, if you want the metal detector to pick gold only and discriminate all the other metals, this mode will be handy.

The peace of mind in knowing that you have invested in a quality metal detector is priceless. The Winbest pro edition metal detector comes with a one-year limited that covers your investment. If you realize that your product is not working as expected, you can return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement at a no cost. 

The period is long enough to ensure that you have invested in the best metal detector; you should never pay for what you are not satisfied with.

Volume controls

To enhance the efficiency of the speakers and the headphones, this metal detector features volume controls that help you to adjust the volume to your excellent standards. Admittedly, we have varying hearing abilities but with this metal detector, everything will be streamlined.

You can use the volume controls to set the volume high if you have some hearing problems, and you can hunt for gold, relics, and silver even in the noisiest environments.

Two 9v alkaline batteries

The Winbest pro edition metal detector operates on two 9v alkaline batteries that remain functional for a reasonable period. You don’t have to change your batteries from time to time. Additionally, installing the batteries is incredibly easy. You will use the control panel to switch the metal detector off, press on the battery compartment and remove the cover in the direction of the arrow and finally replace new batteries into that compartment.

However, you should always use the fresh batteries to avoid the leaking of harmful chemicals that may destroy the electronic parts of your system. You should also take care of the polarity.

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA – Videos

What We Liked

  • Assembling of the parts is also easy.
  • It is lightweight and carrying it around is easy.
  • It offers unmatched affordability. You can afford to buy it even when you are on a tight budget.
  • The operation of the metal detector is easy and straight forward.
  • BARSKA offers free technical support. You can always contact them should you have any question regarding the functionality of your water detector.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers have complained about the durability of this metal detector. If it is not handled with care, it may break easily.

Features at a Glance

  • Headphone Jack.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity.
  • Submergible Search Coil.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest.
  • Volume Control.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 7 x 4 inches.
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.9 pounds.
  • Search Coil Inch: 6.5".
  • Weight (lbs): 2.5.
  • Origin: USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I know that this metal detector will detect gold?
The all metal mode means that it will detect all types of metals. Be it gold, silver, aluminum or any other metal, the device will detect it.

Q: Is the device waterproof?
The search coil of this metal detector is waterproof, and you can use it to detect metals in water that are up to 12 inches.

Final Verdict

Summarily, the Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA is an incredible metal detector that can fit the needs of every treasure hunter. The vast array of unique features that makes treasure hunting worryingly easy is the primary reason why most people love it. Whether you want to do your metal searching in water or on dry land, this pick will have the job done right. Moreover, it is cost-effective and investing in it will not break your bank.

Treasure hunting is enjoyable if and only if you invest in a quality metal detector. Otherwise, the whole experience will turn out to be boring and uneventful. Therefore, you should take you time when shopping for a metal detector if you want to have a treasure hunting experience to remember.

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