6 Tips While Metal Detecting On The Beach

Need a plan on how to spend your upcoming vacation? How about going over to the beach? Not for the relaxing but for something more exciting and adventurous. A metal detecting beach trip! Now, if you've ever tried it you'll know that metal detector hunts are electric. Filled with excitement and unforgettable moments as you unearth beautiful antiques and items lost in time, waiting for someone to unveil them.

Metal detecting vacations provide an amazing opportunity to bond and have fun with your family. You could also decide to go on one with your buddies and have yourselves an adventure of a lifetime. Beach metal detector escapades are especially great since the ocean spills its contents out to the beach constantly. You have no idea what to expect. It could be a piece of shrapnel from a plane wreck or a ring belonging to a captain who decided to go down with his ship, or even the contents of one of those treasure cheat that pirates are always looking for.

There are a number of companies that organize such trips. You could choose to go with one such company or do it by yourself. The latter method is definitely for the wild at heart, the adventurous souls. Well, if you're one of them, then you'll need a few tips on how to conduct your search.

Metal Detecting On The Beach

6 Tips While Metal Detecting On The Beach

1. Acquire the right gadget for metal detecting for beach

First, you'll need the correct metal detector- It goes without saying that a metal detector is a fundamental requirement for this activity. Your choice of the metal detector should be based on the area of the beach you're going to explore. For instance, if your search will be on dry sand, you'll require a different metal detector from that which you would need if you were exploring the shallow waters. You could research to find out which metal detector suits you.

2. Choose the best time for metal detecting for beach

The best time to go to the beach is before the beach is populated heavily or after people have left the beach. This will allow you to have your fun peacefully without kids following you around burrowing into the sand every time your metal detector beeps.

3. Report items found from metal detecting for beach

It is advisable to report your findings to the nearest police station. This is necessary so as to find out if any of the treasures you uncover have been reported lost by someone. The feeling you get when you reunite a person with something they thought they had lost forever is worth every cent you could have gotten it you sold it.

4. Fill up the holes you dig up

Always fill up the holes you dig up. This is a really healthy habit. You keep the beach beautiful while at the same time avoiding injuries to people who might be strolling the beach.

5. Strategize your search criteria

Search methodically to optimize your chances of success in your search. You could move perpendicularly from the beginning of the beach to the shoreline or divide the search area in into sections that you explore one at a time.

6. Have fun in metal detecting for beach

Remember to have fun. It's a vacation after all, and you should enjoy the adventure as much as possible There are numerous destinations for metal detector trips globally. However, before you select a destination, look into its history. Were there any events that could lead to that place having rich finds? One such place is the Florida beach, where twelve Spanish ships got wrecked centuries ago and their treasure scattered everywhere in the ocean.

Up to this day, pieces of treasure are being unearthed. You should also consider the number of finds that have been made in the area. Areas with the most finds are most likely to have something in store for you too. It would be prudent of you to inquire whether metal detection is legal on the beach you want to search. This is because in some places the activity is banned.

Metal Detecting On The Beach - Videos

In addition to having an amazing time, you might just get filthy rich off of your metal detector vacation. Whichever way you look at it, this kind of holiday will be quite hard to resist.

My advice? Go for it!

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