How to Use Metal Detector?

In order to know how to use a metal detector, you need to read the instruction carefully, which, as a rule, is attached to each device. Of course, this is not enough and it would be great to turn to an experienced searcher who can help you and who can certainly tell you how to use a metal detector in a proper way.

It’s best to start with tests to understand features of your detector, especially if you hold such a device in your hands for the first time. Tests should be carried out on different types of soil: on clay, black earth, sand, digging in them different objects, for example, coins. Only in this way it is possible to determine the real capabilities of your detector. In the process of testing, you should notice all features of the work, namely, sound oscillations, a spectrum picture and suchlike.

How to Use Metal Detector?

You can note different particular features. For example, the deeper your coin is buried, the more "spectrum" is smeared and the sound becomes not so clear. When the depth is increased, the value of the discrimination scale shifts or the number of VDI changes. It is also worth noting that the dependence of correctness of identification directly comes from the speed of the coil's movement.

If you ask experienced search engines how to property use a metal detector, they will say that the coil should not be moved parallel to the ground, but along a gentle trajectory. Try to hold a coil with small amplitude just above the center of your target, and make sure that in this case identification will be the best. It is also important to press the coil very close to the ground.

Metal Detector Using Tips

Any beginner searcher wants to know how to properly use a metal detector and good advice can be useful. When searching, the coil should be kept exactly, parallel to the plane of the earth's surface. It is necessary to apply system search methods.

There are two options of searching: with a fifty percent overlap of strokes and without it. In the first case, the search is conducted in a dynamic mode of the metal detector and every new step forward should be equal to half the diameter of the search coil. In the second case, this step is made equal to the full diameter of the coil. Upon object detection, you need to accurately determine its location so that the cop doesn't pass for naught.

Before starting a serious search, you should practice working with a metal detector in an open area with a soft soil. The main rule is to listen carefully and avoid an unnecessary fuss. Try to adjust the metal detector yourself, depending on the type of soil and the level of its mineral saturation.

The reel should be kept as close as possible to the ground when moving it from side to side. In a case when, by a nature of the sound, you cannot determine the exact place where the purpose of your searches is located, then, most likely, the sought-after is located not far away from you and it is quite large.

If the desired object is located in a depth greater than twenty-five centimeters, then the readings of your metal detector may be inaccurate. It, most likely, will make an error in determining the type of metal, since the correct operation of this device at great depth is very limited.

At the sound of your metal detector, pay attention to an image that appears on the screen. If the target pointer is located at the bottom than detected object is very small. If the pointer is above, the detected object is large. Movement of the target pointer to the left and right along the monitor also plays a role.

How to Use Metal Detector? - Videos

Before starting a serious search, you should practice working with a metal detector in an open area with a soft soil. The main rule is to listen carefully and avoid an unnecessary fuss. With even an expensive metal detector you won't immediately begin to raise coins, especially rare and expensive ones. To become a lucky treasure hunter, you need to "understand" your metal detector, understand that much so you can confidently say what lying under the reel.

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